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Hampton Regional Medical Center strives to provide compassion, commitment, and excellence to every patient, every time they walk through our doors. We greatly appreciate kind words shared with us post-visit! Please take a moment to review former patient/patient family testimonials.

EMS Director praises HRMC's excellent care Susanne Peeples | May 21, 2018
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Hampton County EMS Director Susanne Peeples' recently stated she appreciated the skillful and courteous care provided by HRMC staff during a recent family medical emergency. Peeples' young niece was taken to HRMC's Emergency Room during an unexpected medical emergency, and according to Susanne, was treated with compassionate care by expert physicians.

"From the time we stepped into until the time we left Hampton Regional, my family and I cannot thank you enough for the great compassion you showed. The [ER] doctor, who I have never met and with a five-year-old child, he was amazing! Thank God for all of you doing the jobs you do! It was not only my family, but other families got the same great treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
HRMC compassion impresses patient, familyCooper Family | March 6, 2018
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For the Cooper family of Hampton County, the care received by family patriarch, Ray, during a multiple day stay at HRMC in December of 2017 was deserving of recognition. A letter provided to HRMC by family members praised hospital staff for the compassionate care Ray received while at the hospital. "He told me several times in the days afterwards, 'I don't believe I could have gotten any better attention or treatment in a big city hospital!'" said his son, Mark Cooper.

For six months, HRMC's Hospitalist and Cardiology staff members consulted with Ray; he told his son he was "tickled about this hospital and proud to have the hospital" located in Hampton County. "During his time at HRMC, the staff, doctors, nurses, and support people went above and beyond their duties. The care, compassion, and medical attention he received during this difficult time was second to none," Cooper continued.

"My family and I would like to express our sincere appreciation. In a time when many small town hospitals get criticism, often times undeserved, I can honestly say that the level of care and compassion shown my father warms our hearts," said Cooper.
HRMC Mammographer "goes over and above" for PatientMary Benton | January 15, 2018
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(Varnville, SC) - For the past 17 years, Hampton Regional Medical Center Mammographer Sheila Gaddy has provided compassionate healthcare to patients. Her expert care and inviting personality have created a loyal and supportive patient base which staunchly supports her and the vital women's health services she provides. For one such patient, Mary Benton of Hampton County, the care she received during a recent examination performed by Gaddy at HRMC was worthy of acknowledgement. Benton wrote:

"A few weeks ago, it was time for the dreaded annual mammogram. My primary physician always performs a clinical exam before she writes the order for a mammogram. While performing the clinical exam, she noted that there was something different. She told me it was probably nothing to be concerned about, but that she was going to order an ultrasound in addition to the mammogram. Although I tried to have faith that everything was going to be ok, I did worry. On the day of my appointment with Sheila, I was very nervous. I think she sensed my uneasiness and immediately started explaining everything that she was going to do and how she was going to do it. She even told me that since this was a diagnostic mammogram, I would know the results before I left the hospital that day. She went on to explain that as soon as she finished the procedure, she would notify the Radiologist so he could look at the x-rays and determine a diagnosis.

As she left to notify the Radiologist the x-rays had been completed, she told me she was going to get my best-friend, who was in the waiting area, to come and sit in the room with me while the Radiologist reviewed the x-rays. When she returned to the room after the Radiologist had studied the mammogram, Sheila had a big smile on her face. She told me that there were no issues with the mammogram, but they were going to do the ultrasound because my primary physician had ordered it to be performed. Throughout the procedure, Sheila was professional, reassuring and thoughtful. She treated me so kindly and goes over and above to care for her patients. She did all that she could in her power to give me peace of mind."

In July, Gaddy celebrated her 17-year anniversary at HRMC. She says she has been happily employed during those 17-years and hopes to remain at HRMC until retirement. Gaddy began her career in Radiology nearly three decades ago in the Savannah area. As more women's health centers began to open around the nation, Gaddy had an opportunity to travel to Nashville to train as a Mammographer. After obtaining her license, she worked as a Mammographer for several years in Georgia and South Carolina before accepting a mammography technician position at HRMC.

HRMC is proud to celebrate Sheila Gaddy's dedication to providing professional, compassionate rural healthcare in the Lowcountry.