Physical & Occupational Therapy

The Rehabilitation Services Department provides Occupational and Physical Therapy to adults and children so that they can develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability. These modalities are used when movement and function are threatened by the process of aging or that of injury or disease.

Occupational and Physical Therapy maximizes movement potential through promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Services are provided on an outpatient and inpatient basis, and it is common for physicians to prescribe rehab therapy after some surgical procedures.

Hampton Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Room
Hampton Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Room

Types of therapy available

There are two major rehab therapy treatments

Musculoskeletal (Orthopedic)
Various therapeutic therapy modalities are available for orthopedic issues, including exercise prescription (strength, motor control, stretching, and endurance), manual therapy techniques like joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue massage, cryotherapy, heat therapy, iontophoresis, and electrotherapy.

Treatment in neurological conditions is typically based upon exercise to restore motor function through attempting to overcome motor deficits and improve motor patterns.

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