Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care services are for those who must be admitted to the hospital, overnight or longer, to receive medical services; this form of care involves a multidisciplinary team of employees which include: Physicians; Licensed, Registered, and Practical Nurses; Certified Nursing Assistants; Dietary and Nutrition; Physical Therapy; Radiology; Laboratory; Cardiopulmonary Technologists and Technicians; Pharmacists; and Social Services. These groups work as an interdisciplinary “care” team specific to each patient’s needs in order to efficiently provide quality health care and service.

If you are going to be a patient, the following is information that may help you during your stay. 

What to Bring if You are a Patient

  • All your non-prescription and prescription medications you are taking
  • Your hospital insurance cards.
  • Your Medicare identification card.
  • The following personal items (each labeled clearly with your name): Sleepwear (if you prefer it to a hospital gown), slippers (rubber-soled are safest), personal grooming items, contact lens, and an eyeglass or hearing aid case; we will provide a container for dentures.

Note: Please Do Not bring any valuables with you.

If any one will be visiting you during your stay, additional information is available at the Visitor Information page.

Additional Information

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