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HRMC welcomes Dr. Thomas Doud

The ability to look inside the body of a patient and follow clues "like a detective" makes every new case exciting for Hampton Regional Medical Center's newest medical staff member Radiologist Dr. Thomas Doud, who will replace his retiring longtime friend and colleague Dr. Edward "Bo" Warren.

Dr. Doud, who has over 30 years experience in Radiology, says he is excited to continue to build upon the excellent foundation Dr. Warren and HRMC have laid and provide additional services for patients and providers.

"You feel like a detective," said Dr. Doud of his chosen field Radiology. "You are trying to find answers to clinical problems and it is a way to practice medicine from the field of Imaging. You can move from case to case and see the most interesting pathology and help with the diagnostic workup of the medical problems you find."

"It's kind of like practicing general medicine, but you are practicing it from an Imaging perspective. You are looking for clues on x-rays, clues on CT's and MRI's, supporting the physician from the clinical history and physical exam to arriving at a diagnosis," he said.

"If I look at a spine x-ray series, I'm not just looking at the spine but I am looking at everything. The bones, the soft tissues; so I can pick up things like aortic aneurisms on a lumbar spine series. The patients are coming in to discover for a reason for their lower back pain which may have been caused by arthritis and I discover, by chance, the patient has a significant [potentially critical] finding," said Dr. Doud.

HRMC's new Radiologist graduated medical school in 1981 from Southwestern University, Texas, with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. He went on to graduate from the Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in 1986. He then began an OBGYN residency at the University of South Carolina in 1986, but became intrigued with Radiology and began a Radiology residency at Penn State University, PA, graduating in 1993. Following a successful residency at Penn State, Dr. Doud worked as a General Diagnostic Radiologist at Oconee Memorial Hospital, in Seneca, SC, until opening a private practice imaging center in 1999, which operated successfully until last year when Dr. Doud joined HRMC and began working for Dr. Warren while he vacationed.

"I was once told as a Radiologist working in a hospital, there is no way that a patient can come in with a significant clinical problem and not somehow go through Radiology. So as Radiologists, you get to see manifestations of different kinds of illnesses," Dr. Doud continued. "It is very rewarding."

When not in a darkened room poised in front of an array of computer monitors, Dr. Doud and his family enjoy many Lowcountry after work activities, including boating, fishing, crabbing, shrimping and many other outdoor activities.

Dr. Doud and his wife have four children. Two of their children graduated college from Clemson University and two are currently attending the University of South Carolina.

"We want to do what we can to encourage the community to utilize the outstanding Radiology Department at Hampton Regional Medical Center and I am glad to be a part of it," concluded Dr. Doud.