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The Pharmacy Department provides quality service to meet the prescription needs of all patients. As members of the care team and in accordance with the attending physician, the role of Pharmacy staff is to assure patients receive the best and the most appropriate medication therapies. In collaboration with physicians and nurses, patients' medication needs are met while they are in the hospital, at the time of discharge, and after returning home.

The Department is staffed with certified, competent Pharmacists and technicians.

Medication management is essential to avoid drug interactions and adverse reactions. The Pharmacy Department provides medication education and personalized consultation to hospital patients with questions regarding their medications.

Staff utilize the HRMC Pharmacy Integrative Practice Model, which consists of the following:
  • Coordination of distributive and clinical functions
  • Maintenance of medication inventory for distribution in Surgical Services, Inpatient Care, Specialty Practices, Emergency Department, and Outpatient Clinics

For inquiries regarding medication, please call (803) 943-1241, or send a fax to (803) 943-1216.