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Inpatient Care services are for those who must be admitted to the hospital, overnight or longer, to receive medical services; this form of care involves a multidisciplinary team of employees which include: Physicians; Licensed, Registered, and Practical Nurses; Certified Nursing Assistants; Dietary and Nutrition; Physical Therapy; Radiology; Laboratory; Cardiopulmonary Technologists and Technicians; Pharmacists; and Social Services. These groups work as an interdisciplinary "care" team specific to each patient's needs in order to efficiently provide quality health care and service.

If you are going to be a patient, the following is information that may help you during your stay.

What to bring if you are a patient:

A list of all non-presciption and prescription medications you are taking, including dose and frequency. (Do not bring the medications).
Your hospital insurance cards.
Your Medicare identification card.
The following personal items (each labeled clearly with your name): Sleepwear (if you prefer it to a hospital gown), slippers (rubber-soled are safest), personal grooming items, contact lens, and an eyeglass or hearing aid case; we will provide a container for dentures.

Note: Please Do Not bring any valuables with you.

If any one will be visiting you during your stay, additional information is available at the Visitor Information page.

Additional Information:

Paying For Care
Patient's Rights
Privacy Policy
Advanced Directives
Patient Information


HRMC is privileged to have a Hospitalist Program in affiliation with MUSC Health. HRMC Hospitalists diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of medical conditions for members of the community hospitalized at Hampton Regional Medical Center in both the Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care units. Additionally, HRMC Hospitalists also provide medical care to those in the Swing Bed Program and provide backup/support for OR/ER patients and serve as a liaison between hospital and outpatient physicians.

HRMC Hospitalist Program Aims:

Expedite patient admissions with shorter wait times for a bed by facilitating both direct admissions requested by primary care providers in our community, as well as admission from the emergency department.

Promote excellent communication by acting as the center point of communication between the patient, family members, primary care providers, and specialists.

Provide personalized, patient/family-centered care with 24-hour availability to answer patient questions regarding medical care.

Promote shorter hospital stays by collaborating with all members of the healthcare team to ensure care is delivered in a timely manner.

Streamline the discharge process to get patients home to their families as quickly as possible.

Provide continuity of care through coordination with emergency room physicians and primary care providers in the community to admit patients with the most appropriate interventions ordered; this ensures timely delivery of care throughout inpatient admission, coordination of outpatient follow-up, and the availability of primary care physicians and specialists for consultation after discharge.

Provide high quality care by advocating for evidence-based practices, supporting quality initiatives, following up on test results, and monitoring each patient's clinical picture in its entirety to make precise adjustments in treatment daily as needed.

Ensure provider access. If a patient or family member has questions regarding the patient's care at anytime during the hospital stay, he or she may ask the nurse to contact the Hospitalist on his or her behalf; or he or she may call (803) 943-1286 and request to speak with the Hospitalist on call.

HRMC Hospitalists include:

Michael Daly, APRN, Director of Hospitalist Services

Baby Ruth Alvarez, AGNP-C

Jenna Gossett, APRN

Renee Pritchard, APRN

Melanie Brant, APRN
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