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Hicuity Health Press Release

Pictured is a doctor with nurse with patient
Pictured is a doctor with nurse with patient

Varnville, SC - Hampton Regional Medical Center's (HRMC) partnership with Hicuity Health, a nationwide leader in critical care telemedicine, has yielded some impressive results. At HRMC, Hicuity Health has had 3,282 interactions, averaging 24 interactions per patient stay since 2021. The program has saved HRMC patients a total of 100 ICU days and 296 hospital days since the program's inception.

The Hicuity Health Tele-Intensivist Program at Hampton Regional Medical Center provides our community with cutting-edge critical care medicine while staying close to home. This reduces the great travel burden for friends and family that want to visit their loved one in the hospital. Additionally, it makes it much easier for patients to get back home quickly, as the numbers show.

This kind of data shows the life-altering impact this technology has on patient care in the Hampton region and allows HRMC to deliver care by highly trained intensivist physicians and critical care specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing an extra layer of care that enhances patient safety.

Hampton Regional Medical Center has tracked the severity of illness and the clinical outcomes for their sickest patients requiring admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for nearly two years (since May 2021) We compare our outcomes to National Standards (outcomes) every quarter to insure that we continue to deliver the safest and most effective healthcare to our patients.

The data clearly shows the outcomes of the sickest patients cared for at Hampton Regional are the same as National Standards. Not only did patients from our community do as well as patients across the country, but they were also able to recover and leave the hospital after shorter ICU stays and shorter overall hospital stays than those in National Benchmarks. The providers and clinical staff at Hampton Regional's ICU collaborate with board-certified intensivists (Critical Care specialist doctors) from Hicuity Health to provide the most current, evidence-based care to Hampton's critically ill patients.

"We are very proud of this innovative medical delivery system and the great benefits it provides to our patients and our communities. In the future we hope to implement similar systems to provide even more services closer to home," said Dr. Zane P. Osborne, Emergency Department Director and Lead Physician for the HRMC Hicuity Health.