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HRMC proudly welcomes Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert Elvington, Jr.

Immediate Release

To further provide Hampton County residents access to quality medical care close to home, Hampton Regional Medical Center (HRMC) recently hired well-respected Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Elvington, Jr.

HRMC medical professionals are thrilled by Dr. Elvington's ability to provide patients receiving total knee replacement surgery the ability to be back in their homes as quickly as three days post-surgery. In the past, total knee replacement recipients typically spent more than a week recovering in the hospital, but medical advancements and the skillful techniques of Dr. Elvington have allowed post-surgery recovery times to be reduced by nearly half.

Dr. Elvington uses a numbing medication injected directly into the joints and muscles of the patient during surgery, greatly reducing the need for pain medication and lengthy stays in the hospital. The medicine allows knee replacement recipients to engage in physical therapy regiments much sooner post-surgery, which greatly aids in the recovery process.

HRMC's new orthopedic surgeon developed a passion for science and anatomy during his youth. Dr. Elvington was spurred to pursue a career in medicine after witnessing his grandmother achieve a nursing certificate later in her life.

"My grandmother, who actually worked up in a mill in Whitmire, SC for years, in the middle of her life decided she wanted to be a nurse so in her mid-40's she went back to be a nurse. That inspired me to go into medicine," said Dr. Elvington. "As far as orthopedics, I like fixing people. Making it so that someone can actually start walking better or sleeping better; getting rid of their pain."

The Florence, SC native arrives at HRMC with 19 years of experience treating patients with a variety of conditions and orthopedic trauma. HRMC's newest orthopedic surgeon has particular expertise in the reconstruction of the shoulder and knee, with a focus on rotator cuff disease and knee arthritis. As well excelling in orthopedic trauma, Dr. Elvington has conducted research to develop and test surgical techniques that have improved operating procedures and outcomes at hospitals he has been affiliated with in the past.

He has practiced as an orthopedic surgeon in South Carolina throughout nearly his entire career, except for a stint as a Fellow at Beth Israel Medical Center, of New York, where he helped to develop the aforementioned medical techniques.

Former colleague and long-time HRMC physician Dr. Charles Hughes spoke with Dr. Elvington and urged him to accept a position at HRMC. Dr. Elvington stated he is happy he took the advice of Dr. Hughes and is enjoying the slower pace of Hampton County and the friendly residents who call it home.

"I was ready for a slower pace. I got tired of the rat race [of larger cities]," said Dr. Elvington. "It's not so much even the slower pace. Now I can actually do what I want to do. I can get to know my patients better...I can actually take care of my patients here."

He received his Bachelor of Science in biology in 1988 from The Citadel and received his M.D. in 1993 from the Medical University of South Carolina, both located in Charleston, SC.

Dr. Elvington previously worked at McLeod Health, of Florence, SC, Pee Dee Orthopedic Associates, of Florence, SC, Orthopedic Specialists of Charleston, of Charleston, SC, and at Beth Israel Medical Center, of New York City, NY. His residency was conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina, located in Charleston, SC.

One of the most gratifying aspects of his profession is being able to interact with former patients and witness their improved quality of life after they receive surgical procedures. "It's nice to walk into a grocery store and see somebody you recognize but don't really remember who they are because it has been several years and they say 'look doc, look what I can do' and they stick their hand over their head, which they couldn't do before," he said fondly.

The surgeon and his wife of 28 years, Meg, have four adult sons between the ages of 19-25. Dr. Elvington will seek permanent Lowcountry housing opportunities in the future.

"There is some good care here," said Dr. Elvington. "And there are really good people here. My office staff members, staff in the operating room, physical therapists and members of the nursing staff all do a great job for our patients. I am happy and excited to be here."