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HRMC Updated Statement Regarding COVID-19

VARNVILLE, S.C. (April 1, 2020) As most of the citizens of Hampton County are aware, there has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19 currently. We feel sure this will likely change in the weeks, if not days ahead. Hampton Regional Medical Center is following CDC guidelines and has been working diligently to prepare for an expected surge of patients that many other hospitals around the country are experiencing. We have already taken measures to conserve our current supply of masks, gowns, and gloves and have even received a few donations from schools and other organizations over the last few weeks. Currently, the hospital has an adequate supply based on our current usage, but we are expecting to see more patients in the weeks ahead. We are being allocated only a small amount of all types of PPE, thereby limiting us on how many we can purchase to maintain our supply.

Hospital Administration has been asked by our employees if they may use homemade cloth masks over their hospital approved facemasks that are worn daily to help protect the facemask, which could allow for longer use without putting our patients and staff at risk. We could also use these cloth masks instead of our regular facemasks for patients who are experiencing cough and cold symptoms as well. Therefore, we are asking, if anyone would be interested in donating homemade cloth masks for our employees and patients to use, we would be forever grateful. Donations are being accepted at the Emergency Department screening station daily. Please be sure to provide the screener your name and telephone number.

With the expectation that Hampton County will likely see confirmed cases and the hospital will experience an influx of patients, the hospital does have in place a plan for how we would be able to handle patient surge. However, making room for patients is only part of the problem as we have a limited number of nurses and other clinical staff available to care for these patients. Therefore, the hospital is asking if there are any nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, radiology techs, lab techs, etc. that are either not currently working or retired and who may be willing to help if the need arises, to please contact Lynn Bowers, Director of Human Resources at 803-943-1252 immediately, as we are hoping to create a list of people we could call if the situation were to worsen.

The goal of the hospital is to do everything in our power to protect our patients and our staff. We remain dedicated to this community during this time and are doing our best to ensure that we are prepared, ready, and available to the people of this county who may need us.