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Anthony Creech Testimonial

Anthony Creech Testimonial
Anthony Creech Testimonial

The Hicuity Health Tele-Intensivist Program at Hampton Regional Medical Center provides our community with cutting-edge critical care medicine while staying close to home. This reduces the great travel burden for friends and family that want to visit their loved one in the hospital. Additionally, it makes it much easier for patients to get back home quickly.

Here is the story of Anthony Creech, Hampton County native, and patient of the Tele-ICU program.

Anthony Creech came into the HRMC Emergency Room in August of 2021 complaining of shortness of breath, a bad cough and loss of taste and smell. He had tested positive for COVID-19 three days prior, but was not getting well on his own.

"My symptoms were really really bad," Creech said. Creech does not recall being brought to the ER. After staying quarantined for several days at home. Creech's wife, Jvonndra Creech would check on him periodically. Jvonndra Creech said one day she was shocked to find her husband very disoriented and very sick. She described that his skin had taken on a shade of pale grey, and she immediately called 911. When he arrived at the Emergency Room, HRMC staff noted Anthony Creech's shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, low oxygen levels.

"Anthony's oxygen levels were dangerously low, and an x-ray confirmed he had COVID-pneumonia, so he was admitted to the hospital," said Michael Daly NP-C, director of hospitalist services at HRMC.

After administering standard COVID-19 treatments available at the time without any improvement, it was determined that Anthony Creech should be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Throughout his seven day hospital stay, Jvonndra Creech said the hospital staff went above and beyond to keep her updated on Anthony Creech's progress.

"It was a very scary time for my entire family. It did give me comfort to have him so close by and that I had a personal relationship with many of the employees at the hospital," Jvonndra Creech said.

Anthony Creech was treated by the board-certified intensive care doctors with Hicuity Health and the TELE-ICU program. He was just one step before being intubated, and with lots of prayers and the team of doctors from Hiciuity Health, he made a full recovery!

Today Anthony is back to working full-time for Gerogia Pacific and is the Head Basketball Coach at Patrick Henry Academy. He continues his hobbies of working out at the gym and is an avid runner in great physical health. He lives in Varnville with his wife Jvonndra and their children, Cincere, Anthony Jr, Daivon, Karrinton and Acilynn.